My first rabbit show

I had been toying with the idea of showing my rabbits for quite some time. I really don’t like crowds, and events based solely on an animals physical attributes tend to bore me. However, there was a show close to me and I had kits to sell, so I figured why not.

I really didn’t have much to show. My  adults were all growing their wool back after being harvested. I decided to show the babies just for kicks. Turns out I chose one of the worst shows possible for my introduction to the show world.

It was supposed to be a small show. There ended up being about 5 times as many entries as expected. Luckily I got there early. Rabbits were packed in as tight as we could get them. overall the day was far to chaotic for me. I spent the majority of the day outside where it was a bit less hectic.

The day did have some good points. I got to meet my mentors, the girls from Black Diamond rabbitry. I met a few other cool people as well. I got the experience of bringing my animals to the show table and learned a lot about what the judges are looking for. I also picked up a gorgeous pair of beverens.

As of now, I am planning to give it another shot in September.If nothing else I will get to meet a few people in person.So here’s hoping for a less chaotic day!IMG_4459 IMG_4461 IMG_4456 IMG_4453 IMG_4452 IMG_4448


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