Disgusting fly trap-my version

Now that the hot weather is here to stay ,I’m having a major battle with the flies.I started out the season using fly predators. It was hard to tell if they were working. I have a feeling they were at least helping some, but they just weren’t cost effective.  I got some of the really gross smelling plastic bag type traps. They work great, but once again, cost was an issue. So I decided to make my own.



See, isn’t that gross?  I grabbed some juice jugs that had plastic handles on them. I tried several things for bait-including store bought stuff. The thing that seems to work best is scraps of raw meat. I throw that in and add a little soapy water. The down side of these jugs is that the opening is big enough for the flies to fly right back out. To remedy this you will need some sort of funnel. I had party hats left from a project. I cut he end off so that the whole was about the size of a dime. I put it in the opening and the trap was ready to hang. They are working just as well if not better than the store bought version.

Next time I will go over my home made, non toxic ant traps.




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