A little help

Geese can be a bit difficult to hatch. I’ve had fairly low success rates in the incubator. Letting the mom’s set improves hatch rates, but brings it’s own set of problems. They frequently need a bit of help. It is not uncommon for them to refuse to leave the nest. I bring my mommas food and water to make sure they stay in good condition. If you have multiple females they may fight over the nest. This can lead to broken eggs or eggs that get pushed away and die from the cold. You can also end up with mom’s who aren’t quite sure what to do with them once they do hatch. I heard peeping while I was out doing chores. I looked and found this egg about 5 feet from the nest. I had been outside and didn’t hear any scuffles, so I am guessing mom was freaked out and pushed it away. The little one got most of the hard work done and is still nice and lively, so I put the egg in the incubator. Looks like I better set up the brooder!IMG_3480


Finally Spring


It seems like spring took forever to get here. We have still had  scattered storms, but for the most part it’s been nice. There are so many projects I can’t wait to get going on.

I have a decent start going on the garden.It will be my first time actually planting in the ground. I have always done container gardens. The fruit tress are starting to blossom. It is interesting discovering the variety of plants that are on the property.  The birds are all settling in. I have been getting plenty of eggs. Everybody wants lavender amerecaunas, so I have a long list for those. I should have plenty of euskal oiloa chicks and Ancona ducklings. If anyone would like to be placed on the waiting list for any drop me a line at werecatrising@hotmail.com

My American buff geese
Some of the euskal’s
My lavender roo


And off they go!

Three rabbits went off to their new homes yesterday . A beautiful chocolate buck went to a 4H home in Nevada. It was tough for the new owners to decide which buck they wanted, but I think the one they chose will do very well. The other two, and adult lilac doe and baby REW doe were donations to a raffle for a couple that lost everything, their livestock included, to a wildfire. I will miss them, but am glad to be able to help someone in need. FullSizeRender-11FullSizeRender-10FullSizeRender-9