A little help

Geese can be a bit difficult to hatch. I’ve had fairly low success rates in the incubator. Letting the mom’s set improves hatch rates, but brings it’s own set of problems. They frequently need a bit of help. It is not uncommon for them to refuse to leave the nest. I bring my mommas food and water to make sure they stay in good condition. If you have multiple females they may fight over the nest. This can lead to broken eggs or eggs that get pushed away and die from the cold. You can also end up with mom’s who aren’t quite sure what to do with them once they do hatch. I heard peeping while I was out doing chores. I looked and found this egg about 5 feet from the nest. I had been outside and didn’t hear any scuffles, so I am guessing mom was freaked out and pushed it away. The little one got most of the hard work done and is still nice and lively, so I put the egg in the incubator. Looks like I better set up the brooder!IMG_3480